Polymer Clay and Tools

Many people have asked me what brand of clay I use or what clay tools I use to achieve a specific technique.

The post will be a reference to help identify most of the clay and tools I use in any of my tutorials. Each clay brand and tool will be named and will have a description.

Polymer Clay


Premo! I mainly use Premo to create all my miniature charms. It’s not too hard but it is not soft either. It keeps its shape and detail very well. Premo comes in many colors and even glitter!

Sculpy III Because this clay is so soft, I use it for most of my frostings for cakes. I don’t recommend using this brand to create miniature cakes, because it blends layers together and is too soft to hold any realistic detail.

Clay Tools

#2 Xacto Knife or Excel Blade This is probably my most used tool and my most favorite! I use it to cut out almost every small detail in clay pieces.

#3 Needle Tool I use this tool to texture my clay charms or to sketch in small detail. I definitely recommend the needle tool from Excel Blades.

#4 Tweezers This tool is the best for placing prebaked small detail to miniature cakes or charms!

#5 Dotting Tools and Clay Spatula Tool I got my dotting tools and spatula tool from Arteza because they come in mostly small sizes. I use them for any texture detail on miniature cakes and sometimes cookie charms. The spatula tool is perfect for frosting miniature cakes!

#6 Toothbrush The most popular clay tool so far. Its perfect for adding realistic texture to any clay dessert.

#7 Round Clay Cutters I use the smallest clay cutters for all my cakes and charms. Its about 1 inch wide. I’ve bought mine from Hobby Lobby.

#8 Piping Tip I use a Wilton #13 piping tip to create the frosting for my cupcakes.

#9 Liquid Polymer Clay I LOVE using liquid clay for all my clay charms. I use liquid Sculpey translucent or clear.

#10 Chalk Pastels and Paintbrush I use chalk pastels to achieve the baked look on most of my charms. I recommend finding a soft paintbrush to brush on the pastels and keep it out of dust. I use the Master Touch earthtone set of pastels from Hobby Lobby.

#11 Rolling Pin This is yet another common tool I use! It is definitely a must have.

Bonus Clay Tools

These tools are amazing! I didn’t think that I needed these clay tools at all. I was wrong. I use them almost all the time for my projects!

#1 Dotting Tool This is a completely different dotting tool,as they are much bigger and I thought I would never ever need these until I started using them for pretty much all my clay projects. I mainly use these tools to create miniature bowls. They can go in the oven in low temperature as well!

You can easily find them on Amazon, just search clay tools and they should show up.

#2 Clay Silicone Tools These are the best tools to smooth out rough spots on clay. You can pretty much sculpt any small detail with them as well! I got mine from Michaels.

Shop Links:

Where I get polymer clay: https://www.sculpey.com/

Where I get all my clay tools: https://www.hobbylobby.com/ https://excelblades.com/

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