Emma Rose

Hi! My name is Emma Rose and I’m 16. Two years ago I picked up polymer clay and started my little business! I’ve been creating unique and cute polymer miniature food ever since!

In 2016, I learned how to create miniature food by a book from my library and videos that amazing clay artists put up on Instagram. Each charm was created from air dry clay and paint. Maybe someday I will provide a few pictures of my first clay charms, if I’m brave enough! They are not very pretty to look at. LOL.

Its taken me 4 years to make almost perfect polymer clay charms. I’ve ruined so many, but I’ve also made several charms that I love. Don’t get me started on how long it took me to get perfect pictures! That is something I fail at.

I started my website to share more of my work and what I’ve learned the past couple years with beginner polymer clay artists.

I’m still writing a few posts, but I have two tutorials and what tools I use with polymer clay! You can check them out by clicking the tutorial button in the website menu!

You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook! I’m always posting something new there.

You can also visit my shop on Etsy, if your interested in purchasing a charm or miniature piece!