What I learned About Art Block When It Comes to Polymer Clay

When I very first started making charms and miniatures, I spent almost every day creating something new! I had so many ideas and they just kept coming. But then it all came to an end. I lost motivation to create new charms. Even just looking at all the craft supplies sitting on my desk waiting for me, made me tired.

Two words: Art Block

I go through a lot and having art block on top of it is so frustrating. Sometimes just making several clay charms will make me feel so much better. But not today!

Every time I get art block I think, “This is it, I’m done.” But I don’t want to give up. I thought it wasn’t normal to have this problem and it was all in my head. It was killing me to just leave everything to collect dust for like a day. It was not okay to take a break and I needed to snap out of it.

What did I learn the hard way? Several amazing words. Its okay to take a break!

Last year, I made over a 120 charms and miniatures for a huge festival in a matter of a month. Every day and night. Nonstop. When the day came, I was seriously so close to quitting. It wore me out and I didn’t like it.

Like the stubborn ”child” I am, I didn’t want to take a break, but my family told me it was okay to take a break for a while. And I did. For almost 2 months.

December came around and I started making charms and miniatures as Christmas presents. After that I took another break.

New years day/ my birthday came and I started a tradition 3 years ago to make my birthday cake as a miniature. I made a miniature cake and the best part, I improved with my work! It was the best miniature cake I had ever made. It was a great start to a new year.

If you ever get stuck in the same type of art block and frustration like I did, its totally okay to take a break! I know its rough. You could be like me, not wanting to walk away from it all and not taking advice. But sometimes its the best to just walk away from it for a little while.

But what if you post about your new clay creation on Instagram everyday or running a shop? The people who support you and your work will understand. If some don’t understand, they just don’t get that sometimes an artist needs a break. I was afraid that I would loose everyone that supported me, but in the end everyone was still there. It was amazing to see how many people understood.

Taking a break and having time to myself helped me decide what I wanted to do with my small business. I could either give up or try my very best and slowly grow my business into something bigger without getting tired. I chose to keep going and what I achieved has been an adventure. I designed my own website, I made 100 sales on Etsy, improved with my clay charms, AND did another festival without working as hard and had fun!

I still get art block to this day and I just walk away from clay for a while, but I somehow always come back with new ideas.

Thank you so much to those who take the time to read my post! If you have art block, I hope somehow you can learn from my mistakes. I try my very best to help out polymer clay artists. If you have any questions you can send me a message through Instagram, my username is Bluebirdminiatures.

2020 Christmas Polymer Clay Challenge

Christmas is just around the corner and challenges can be a fun way to start off the holidays!

This is my first Christmas challenge event and I hope some will join me!

You can post once a day, every other day, or however you choose. Just post on Instagram, tag my account, @bluebirdminiatures, and I will share your challenge post on my story!

I will be posting what I created every day starting on December 7.

I can’t wait to see what you create and Merry Christmas!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake Tutorial

This tutorial is perfect for beginners! This cute cupcake is made with super simple techniques and looks adorable in the end!

You can find what brand of clay I prefer and tools I use here. https://bluebirdminiatures.com/2020/04/04/polymer-clay-and-tools/

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! If you have any questions, please comment.

For the cupcake base, mix together white clay with just a pinch of red to achieve a light pink color. I am using a cupcake mold from AhLaMolds on Etsy to create the base of the cupcake.

Next, mix together white and yellow clay to create a pastel cake color. Shape a little bit into a soft circle and place it on top of the cupcake base.

To give the cake texture, lightly use a soft toothbrush.

With a needle tool, poke little holes on the cake to create a fluffy look.

Next, with chalk pastels and a soft paint brush, we are going to give the cupcake a baked look.

Starting with the lightest yellow color, brush it onto the cupcake lightly. Then you can add the darkest color lightly as well.

To make the frosting, you need to soften a piece of white clay. Once the clay is softened, take a piping tip and put the clay through it. I use the end of my needle tool to get it through.

  • #13 Wilton piping tip

Now for the fun part! Creating the cookie!

Bake a piece of brown clay and chop it into small pieces. This will be the chocolate chips.

With another batch of clay, white mixed with a little yellow, combine the chocolate pieces.

I am using a silicone tool to add detail to the cookie. You can try a different technique by crumbling a small piece of tinfoil and pressing it on the clay.

  • It helps to look up pictures of chocolate chip cookies to figure out how to texture it.

Next we give the cookie a baked look, starting with the lightest color of yellow, followed by the darkest shade.

Bake according to instructions on the clay package.

After the cookie is baked, place it carefully on top of the cupcake with a little bit of liquid clay to keep it secure.

This is optional, but I made this cupcake a charm by adding a jewelry eye hook.

Again, bake according to instructions on the clay package.

With white acrylic paint and a small clay dotting tool, I painted polka dots to the base of the cupcake.

You can add any decoration to your cupcake! You can try adding sprinkles or painting stripes instead of polka dots.

Thank you for supporting my work! If you recreate this cupcake, I would love to see it! You can share on Instagram and tag me or use the hashtag # bluebirdminiatures.

Chocolate Sundae Cupcake Tutorial

My first tutorial is up! Its a super simple video about how I create the chocolate sundae cupcake charms with descriptions throughout the tutorial.

I hope you enjoy the video! Please like or let me know what you think about the video in the comments here or on Youtube. If you recreate the cupcake, you can share on Instagram with the hashtag #BluebirdMiniatures or you can tag me!

Polymer Clay and Tools

Many people have asked me what brand of clay I use or what clay tools I use to achieve a specific technique.

The post will be a reference to help identify most of the clay and tools I use in any of my tutorials. Each clay brand and tool will be named and will have a description.

Polymer Clay


Premo! I mainly use Premo to create all my miniature charms. It’s not too hard but it is not soft either. It keeps its shape and detail very well. Premo comes in many colors and even glitter!

Sculpy III Because this clay is so soft, I use it for most of my frostings for cakes. I don’t recommend using this brand to create miniature cakes, because it blends layers together and is too soft to hold any realistic detail.

Clay Tools

#2 Xacto Knife or Excel Blade This is probably my most used tool and my most favorite! I use it to cut out almost every small detail in clay pieces.

#3 Needle Tool I use this tool to texture my clay charms or to sketch in small detail. I definitely recommend the needle tool from Excel Blades.

#4 Tweezers This tool is the best for placing prebaked small detail to miniature cakes or charms!

#5 Dotting Tools and Clay Spatula Tool I got my dotting tools and spatula tool from Arteza because they come in mostly small sizes. I use them for any texture detail on miniature cakes and sometimes cookie charms. The spatula tool is perfect for frosting miniature cakes!

#6 Toothbrush The most popular clay tool so far. Its perfect for adding realistic texture to any clay dessert.

#7 Round Clay Cutters I use the smallest clay cutters for all my cakes and charms. Its about 1 inch wide. I’ve bought mine from Hobby Lobby.

#8 Piping Tip I use a Wilton #13 piping tip to create the frosting for my cupcakes.

#9 Liquid Polymer Clay I LOVE using liquid clay for all my clay charms. I use liquid Sculpey translucent or clear.

#10 Chalk Pastels and Paintbrush I use chalk pastels to achieve the baked look on most of my charms. I recommend finding a soft paintbrush to brush on the pastels and keep it out of dust. I use the Master Touch earthtone set of pastels from Hobby Lobby.

#11 Rolling Pin This is yet another common tool I use! It is definitely a must have.

Bonus Clay Tools

These tools are amazing! I didn’t think that I needed these clay tools at all. I was wrong. I use them almost all the time for my projects!

#1 Dotting Tool This is a completely different dotting tool,as they are much bigger and I thought I would never ever need these until I started using them for pretty much all my clay projects. I mainly use these tools to create miniature bowls. They can go in the oven in low temperature as well!

You can easily find them on Amazon, just search clay tools and they should show up.

#2 Clay Silicone Tools These are the best tools to smooth out rough spots on clay. You can pretty much sculpt any small detail with them as well! I got mine from Michaels.

Shop Links:

Where I get polymer clay: https://www.sculpey.com/

Where I get all my clay tools: https://www.hobbylobby.com/ https://excelblades.com/