Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake Tutorial

This tutorial is perfect for beginners! This cute cupcake is made with super simple techniques and looks adorable in the end!

You can find what brand of clay I prefer and tools I use here.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! If you have any questions, please comment.

For the cupcake base, mix together white clay with just a pinch of red to achieve a light pink color. I am using a cupcake mold from AhLaMolds on Etsy to create the base of the cupcake.

Next, mix together white and yellow clay to create a pastel cake color. Shape a little bit into a soft circle and place it on top of the cupcake base.

To give the cake texture, lightly use a soft toothbrush.

With a needle tool, poke little holes on the cake to create a fluffy look.

Next, with chalk pastels and a soft paint brush, we are going to give the cupcake a baked look.

Starting with the lightest yellow color, brush it onto the cupcake lightly. Then you can add the darkest color lightly as well.

To make the frosting, you need to soften a piece of white clay. Once the clay is softened, take a piping tip and put the clay through it. I use the end of my needle tool to get it through.

  • #13 Wilton piping tip

Now for the fun part! Creating the cookie!

Bake a piece of brown clay and chop it into small pieces. This will be the chocolate chips.

With another batch of clay, white mixed with a little yellow, combine the chocolate pieces.

I am using a silicone tool to add detail to the cookie. You can try a different technique by crumbling a small piece of tinfoil and pressing it on the clay.

  • It helps to look up pictures of chocolate chip cookies to figure out how to texture it.

Next we give the cookie a baked look, starting with the lightest color of yellow, followed by the darkest shade.

Bake according to instructions on the clay package.

After the cookie is baked, place it carefully on top of the cupcake with a little bit of liquid clay to keep it secure.

This is optional, but I made this cupcake a charm by adding a jewelry eye hook.

Again, bake according to instructions on the clay package.

With white acrylic paint and a small clay dotting tool, I painted polka dots to the base of the cupcake.

You can add any decoration to your cupcake! You can try adding sprinkles or painting stripes instead of polka dots.

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Chocolate Sundae Cupcake Tutorial

My first tutorial is up! Its a super simple video about how I create the chocolate sundae cupcake charms with descriptions throughout the tutorial.

I hope you enjoy the video! Please like or let me know what you think about the video in the comments here or on Youtube. If you recreate the cupcake, you can share on Instagram with the hashtag #BluebirdMiniatures or you can tag me!